Broadway Meaning

Broadway by BRXTN

Verse 1

Damn why I gotta learn the hard way
Always find myself in a hard place
Been on my knees I’m just trying to hear what God say
Got me trippin’ while I’m riding down Broadway
And I thought I told you niggas I can't worry about you niggas cause I gotta a lot of shit to do
And you think I’m thinking about these bitches
But these bitches only bitches girl the only one I want is you

So you think ready for the next thang
Stuntin’ with your feelings but you wasn’t with the X-games
Supposed to keep my word so no wonder you expect change
You went through my phone found them pictures now you feel ashamed
I can't even say shit cause I know I’m the one to blame
Drive you insane, anytime my name filters through your brain
Feel your pain, you say when you look at me it ain't the same
Got me in my feelings bumpin’ B. Tiller’s exchange

Lord Please!


Save her for me
Do this one favor for me
I tried to change my player ways
But I think that it’s too late for me
You ain’t stupid If you don’t wait for
Know you ain’t got to wait for me
But you know that I really need you
And you know that you need me
You got me on

Damn I know that I could be a possessive
And my attitude can be a little disrespectful
But on lord I would give a lot to protect you
Life a crossroad and Im swerving through the intersection

And I know you fed up with me
Think I want them other bitches, like I’m just tryna grant they wishes damn!
Guess I need to slow it down
Find another swisher sweet
Where steve at? Lets blow it down
Cause Im stressed (My Nigga!)
Know I can't complain cause I’m blessed
God just out here puttin’ me to the test
Why’d you have to go you was never supposed to leave don’t be just like the rest
God damn!
Give me one more chance to show you everything that I am, Damn!
While I’m riding down Broadway nigga


Got me trippin’ while I’m riding down Broadway
Down on my knees I’m trying to hear what God say
Damn, why I always gotta learn the hard way
Trippin’ while I’m riding down broadway
I’m just trying to hear what God say