502 Meaning

502 by BRXTN


Just a young nigga from the 5-0,5-0,5-0-2
You know that we goin’ up
We bout to make our own wave
This city was built for us


Me and all my niggas came long ways
From grindin’ flippin’ sacks and getting money the long way
Wiz Khalifa influence blowin/ that bomb haze
Weed my vice of choice to get me through all them long days
A nigga been grindin’
Keep my faith up in God cause I know I’m gon’ prosper patient with his timing
What you know about staying up all night just tryin’ to write something inspirin’
For all the people you love, for the ones that you’d give all the above
Remember them days when they ain't give a fuck
Now when we pull up you know that it’s us
And I’m sayin’
Man that’s what the grind do, that’s what goin’ ghost and reinvesting all your time do
Find your own lane give the people whats inside you
Move to the positives put negatives behind you
When you in the zone, Hey!


Got rid of some niggas I had to leave haters alone
Took no hand outs I did all of this shit on my own
Now you know what it is down in the zone , Hey!


You should come and kick it in the 5-0, 5-0, 5-0-2
You know that we goin’ up (3x)
Just a young nigga in the 5-0, 5-0, 5-0-2
You know that we goin’ up