What’s up everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to welcome all of my supporters, both the old and new. I begin this message by saying that without you all, there would be no BRXTN. You all are the fuel and inspiration that keeps me pushing and in pursuit of my goals and dreams on a daily basis, and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know anyone who follows me closely has noticed that I’ve been quiet lately. I haven’t been as active as far as releasing music and the content you all have come to love. This however, is not a sign of me slowing up, let me assure you.

Pending the beginning of 2018 I made the tough decision to forfeit my last semester and a half of school at the University of Louisville. To sum up the reasoning for that, I’ve just grown exhausted from constantly compromising myself and my true aspirations in order to satisfy others who may have their own vision of who or what I should be. I could talk all day about that so I’ll keep it brief & to the point.

 I had to remove myself from all distractions and really focus on my craft. I had to re-find myself so I can give you all the purest form of me everytime I put my voice on a record. So please be patient, and never think for one second that I’m not working to prove that your support and devotion isn’t in vain.  New music coming soon so subscribe for the details below! Blessings to all of you - Braxton Harshaw

ROLLIng stone by Brxtn prod. by matt makk

rolling stone.jpg

If there's one thing we know about BRXTN by this point in the game it's that the kid is versatile beyond bounds when it comes to his musical palette. In a day and age where musical genres and artists seem to overlap and blend as one, BRXTN has always taken pride and put effort into going against the grain and providing his listeners with a unique sonic experience when they press play on a record. Today's exclusive release only continues the trend and raises the bar higher for BRXTN as he teams up with fellow producer/engineer Matt Makk to deliver a new soundscape entitled "Rolling Stone". BRXTN mentioned that he wanted to refrain from making his supporters pay for anything until the official release of his next project which is set to drop in August (no official title yet), so stream here exclusively for now if you're really with the movement! If you want the mp3 download version of this track please subscribe below and we will have it delivered ASAP with official cover art attached!





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